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A Floral Gift Guide For The Bride

Got a bride to buy for this holiday season? Give her flowers. Well, not straight-up flowers, but a floral-inspired gift. Basically, the 5 presents we’ve handpicked below capture the enchanting essence of the floral world in a totally different form. These are destined to become mementos, trust us. Pretty, Fragrant, Hydrating Rosewater There’s nothing more […]

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Good Things Come In Small Packages

We can thank Queen Victoria for making small bouquets a thing. Along with giving us the white wedding dress, it was she who popularized the idea that formal flowers should act more like an accessory rather than the main event. And if you’ve been following bridal flower trends over the past few years, you know […]

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Marvelously Minimalist Flowers

Behold the power of minimal flowers. By which we mean, Minimalist flowers, a floral style that is the essence of simplicity, using just a few flowers to produce a much larger effect. When you adopt the minimal approach with your flowers, you are putting the focus on a clutch of cherished blooms, as well as […]

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