Filling Your Thanksgiving Table With Flowers

We embrace Thanksgiving with open arms, which are then promptly filled with flowers. After all, this is the season of the centerpiece, and we at Trias Flowers are literally steeped in them.

We know that every Thanksgiving table is different, which is why it’s so important to have a variety of centerpieces on offer. If you’re the Thanksgiving host this year, organizing your table goes right along with designing it. Whether you’re using heirloom linens and generations-old china or carrying off a more simple affair, you’ll want to begin thinking early about the flowers you’ll place at the heart of your table.

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Announcing the 2017 Pantone Color Trends

color trends

At the end of each year, the fashion world reveals its new collections for the following season. Inspired by the newest fashions, the Pantone Color Institute creates its list of the top trending colors that will influence not only clothing but many elements of our life – from home decor to  wedding flowers! This year’s color trends reflect beautiful shades that occur in nature, whether earthy neutral tones or vivid bright hues.

This week, Pantone also announced that out of the top 10 color picks, their Color of the Year is the fresh and invigorating Greenery.
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Local Ideas for your Wedding Proposal

wedding proposal

You’ve decided to propose – it’s exciting, and maybe a little intimidating! Where should your wedding proposal take place? Lucky for you, in the Miami area we have many absolutely breathtaking backdrops to choose from, no matter your personality and style. At Trias Flowers, we have seen many couples from the big question to the big day, with beautiful flowers provided all the way.
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Miami Style – Wedding Extras and Accents

wedding extras

Designing wedding flowers involves more than choosing the bridal bouquets and centerpieces. In fact, once your main florals are selected, the smaller choices of how to infuse your ceremony and reception venues with your style and color palette can be just as important in setting the theme for the day. From the flower girl’s crown to favors for your guests, there are hundreds of wedding extras that can be added to make your day uniquely personal. At Trias Flowers, we are dedicated to combining our expertise with your vision to create a stunning day.
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Sophisticated Metallic Wedding Decor

metallic wedding decor

There are many ways to personalize your wedding day – from your choice of florals,  to the food and the music, the entire day  is an expression of your personality.  Metallic wedding decor is a trend that only grows more popular by the year because the wide variety of choices allows you to add style and sophistication no matter your theme or color scheme. At Trias Flowers, we help Miami brides and grooms to create the ambiance they have always dreamed of  through floral designs and the hottest accents. This year, that means metallics.
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The Elegance of Orchid Wedding Florals

orchid wedding

This month, Trias Flowers would like to spotlight the incredible orchid. One of the most popular and sophisticated choices for wedding florals, the orchid has traditionally symbolized luxury, beauty, and love. These attributes align perfectly with the ambiance of your most special day. Orchid wedding flowers are elegant, graceful and romantic. South Miami to West Miami, and out to Miami Beach – brides love all varieties of this exotic bloom. Our floral designers are passionate about delivering the most spectacular orchid bouquets and arrangements for your wedding day.


The large white cymbidium  is a natural choice to create an orchid wedding floral arrangement – guaranteed to make heads turn and jaws drop! This cascading bouquet, which also features the delicate dendrobium orchid, is perfect for any formal or traditional wedding, with its abundant and lavish white blooms.  The dendrobium is also the star of this gorgeous wedding cake. The simple white design of the cake provides the perfect backdrop for these brilliant purple dendrobium orchids.

orchid wedding

Our designers showcased the phalaenopsis orchid in this spectacular high centerpiece. This orchid variety has distinctive petals that look like wings, earning it the alternate moniker of “moth orchid”. The confident blossom is large enough to carry such an impressive arrangement; a single bloom is also a beautiful choice for a coordinating corsage or boutonniere.

orchid wedding

Dendrobium, cymbidium, and phalaenopsis are the three most common wedding orchids, and all three are grown in an impressive array of colors. If you are planning a Miami wedding, we urge you to call a wedding consultant at Trias Flowers to discuss which of these elegant flowers is right for you; or browse our website for much more orchid inspiration. After all, your wedding is the most beautiful day of your life – your wedding flowers should be just as beautiful.


South Florida Sparkle for Your Holiday Wedding

holiday weddingEven in sunny South Florida, we love all the warmth of a traditional holiday season.
Why are we speaking about the holidays in July? According to industry experts, now is the time to get serious about putting all the elements of your holiday wedding in place. Jennifer Lorenzo of Trias Flowers suggests “I recommend planning early – at least 8 months in advance when planning a November – January event. The holidays are a busy time, not just for weddings, but also for corporate and social events.” This means that you may be competing for venues and resources in that busy season, so by the summer months, crucial aspects of your day should be in place to ensure you get what you want.
holiday wedding
In regards your wedding flowers, the summer months are also the perfect time to decide on the details of a holiday-wedding. Jennifer suggests that focusing on a holiday color palette rather than a specific flower is the smartest way to go, since different flowers are available at different times of the year. Even though we don’t experience snowy winters here in Miami, there are a few basic color schemes that perfectly evoke holiday cheer; including white flowers accented with reds or burgundies; or dramatic red blooms. Evergreen, holly berries and pine cones are beautiful natural elements that can be added cost effectively to elevate the holiday spirit, and even to bring a little “winter” to the event.
holiday wedding holiday wedding
Metallic details and accents can be beautifully incorporated into your decor to bring your South Florida “Winter Wonderland” to life – from chairs to candlesticks and shiny vases. Crystal baubles on white flowers shimmer like freshly fallen snow; silver Christmas ornaments add shine to your tables; and flickering candlelight will give a warm glow reminiscent of a winter fire.
holiday wedding
Jennifer Lorenzo and the other floral designers at Trias Flowers are ready to help you to plan the perfect holiday wedding – but they urge you to contact them today! Before you know it, the holidays will be upon us – and we want your day to be picture perfect, no matter how you choose to decorate it.

Your Professionally Designed Miami Wedding

miami weddingThere is no doubt that choosing a florist to provide your Miami wedding flowers is an important decision. But when considered within the context of the overall wedding planning, you also have to keep your budget in mind. This sometimes results in choosing based on a price comparison, rather than on an assurance of the highest quality arrangements and dedication to personal service. However, the professional wedding designers at Trias Flowers invite you to consider the reasons to take a closer look at those proposals.

Wedding consultant Jennifer Lorenzo notes that often, brides will forward a quote from another vendor, and just ask for a competing price. However, there is an inherent problem with this approach. “What I have found on many occasions is that the other vendors don’t specify flowers like we do”; Jennifer shares, adding that it is difficult to compare apples to apples when the other proposal doesn’t even outline specific flowers. For example, others may indicate “all white and pink flowers to include roses and hydrangeas”. In comparison, a Trias quote may propose “a clustered arrangement of white hydrangeas, pink roses, pink spray roses, white chrysanthemums and white stock with greens”, and we will provide a photograph to show what the arrangement or bouquet will look like. This level of specificity may result in a slightly higher price, but also guarantees that there will be no disappointment or failed expectations on your wedding day.

However, you may actually find that working face-to-face with a Trias Flowers wedding designer may also save you in the long run. You can use our extensive depth of floral knowledge to your benefit – we will make recommendations that include less expensive options that will preserve the look and feel you desire, yet fit well within your budget. We also have ideas of where you can trim costs without taking anything away from your wedding day. Don’t leave the selection of your floral vendor to an impersonal price quote – come in with your budget, and let the expert floral artists at Trias Flowers design amazing bouquets and arrangements made just for you.

Trias Flowers – Mother of the Bride Roles

mother of the brideYour daughter is getting married, and as the mother of the bride, you likely have numerous thoughts as to how to make this day amazing. But although traditionally the parents of the bride played the major role in wedding planning, today’s modern brides and grooms are much more involved. So you’ll want to have an honest conversation with your daughter to determine her expectations as to your participation – financially, and practically. There are many roles that mothers have traditionally filled in wedding planning, and chances are she’ll love your assistance.

Dress shopping is a treasured memory for many moms and daughters; Mom should make clear to her daughter that she would love to be there! (If Mom doesn’t live in Miami, a video chat app will work as well) Mothers are also invaluable when it comes to coordinating appointments with vendors, handling phone calls from venues, caterers, and entertainers, and in general, consolidating all the information for the bride. Compiling the guest list; sending out invitations and handling responses also falls squarely in the mother-of-the-bride milieu.

Mothers are always expected to attend the bridal shower, but traditionally it is considered distasteful for her to plan the event, as it looks like she is soliciting gifts for her family. On the day of the wedding, Mom has ceremonial duties as well – she is the final person to be seated, indicating that the ceremony can begin; she is the official guest greeter at the reception, and she dances the customary dance with her husband or escort. In more modern weddings, Moms will also dance with their daughter if a father was not present.

Modern Twist: Many brides are opting to have both parents walk them down the aisle, or to have their mother escort them if she was a single parent.

Moms also can be quite adept at staying in contact with florists regarding bouquet options, centerpieces, venue décor and more. The expert floral designers at Trias Flowers look forward to collaborating with you and mom to bring your dream wedding to life. Call us today!

Trias Flowers – Wedding Traditions

wedding traditionsTradition is a large part of wedding planning- whether we are aware of it or not, many of the elements of a wedding are deeply rooted in strange customs and superstitions from long ago. Here are just a few that we thought were interesting:


Terminology – Ancient Babylonians believed that by intertwining thread from the bride and groom’s respective garments, the marriage would be strengthened. Thus the term “tying the knot” dates back thousands of years.



Proposals – In modern times, the proposal is the subject of much thought and creativity. But in many ancient cultures, men wouldn’t ask at all. In Medieval times, a man would leave a hawthorn branch at his beloved’s door – if she replaced it with a cauliflower, the proposal was considered rejected.


Choosing a Date – Although many couples now choose Saturday for a wedding day, up until contemporary times a Friday or Saturday wedding was considered to doom a marriage. The most auspicious day for a wedding ceremony was considered Wednesday.



What To Wear – It was Queen Victoria, when she chose a white wedding dress for her ceremony in 1840, who began the tradition of a white dress. Until that time a bride would wear her best dress, whatever the color. However, it has always been a tradition that no one wear the same color as the bride. The veil was originally worn to ward off evil spirits.


Who to Stand With You – The bridal party was originally conceived in ancient warring tribes; when a wedding was often pillaged or raided, the bridal party was meant to protect and shield the bride and groom. The “best man” is from German tradition, and indicated the best fighting man available to help the groom.


Of course, there is rarely a wedding without flowers! At Trias Flowers, we are honored to have helped hundreds of Miami couples plan their weddings- whether they are steeped in old traditions, or committed to starting new ones. Call us today to begin designing your bouquets, centerpieces and ceremony floral arrangements, or to help you create a special touch all your own!