Wearable Wedding Florals

As weddings become more modern and tradition is passed over for inventive new ideas, the idea of keeping a few customs in your wedding plans can add a classic touch. The act of giving corsages and boutonnieres is a timeless tradition that honors special family and friends on your big day. The floral experts at Trias Weddings can help you create a fresh new design that complements the bridal bouquet while adding your unique personality and style into each piece. Let the flowers you give to guests be a reflection of your relationship on such an eventful day.


Give mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and wedding participants wearable flowers they can pin or wrap on the wrist. Honor them with corsages that reflect the essence of the bridal bouquet and connect them to the bride and groom in a special way.


Let the men in your wedding be honored with a bout that shows off your sense of style as well as their connection to the happy couple. A groom’s boutonniere signifies his tie to his bride, while the groomsmen’s bouts show their support of his love for her.

Add a bit of tradition while infusing your sense of style and personality into your wedding day with corsages and boutonnieres that honor special guests. The floral artisans at Trias Weddings can design creative looks for you and your guests that embody the spirit of your big day. Talk to us about your wedding decor and let us help you match bouts and corsages to your bridal bouquets.

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