Must-See Table Arrangement Shapes

The moment you get engaged feels like you’re living in a dream. You announce your plans to everyone, revel in the excitement, and begin thinking about life together. Once the actual wedding planning begins, however, there can often be some confusion, stress or even simple frustration at the mountain of choices before you. That’s why Trias Weddings is offering this information on must see table arrangement shapes. You can know the difference and articulate your favorite choices to your florist with the confidence that it will be created properly.

Fishbowl Centerpieces

Sweet and unassuming, fishbowl designs keep your gorgeous flowers clustered low and close. This design is perfect for round tables where guests can enjoy the conversation and the floral beauty.

Garden Designs

A natural, rustic wedding calls for a design that feels fresh from the garden. Choose wildflowers in abstract collections to place down the center of long tables for a light, airy presentation.

Pedastal Vessels

Bring a formal beauty to your reception with these tall, elegant centerpieces that draw attention. The trophy-shaped vessel allows cascading blooms to spill over the edge in a dramatic fashion.

Make sure your vision will become your reality. Look ahead at table arrangement shapes to choose your favorite. Talk to the floral experts at Trias Weddings about other great tips, advice and ideas for creating your perfect day. We hope to reduce your stress and frustration and replace it with a hopeful confidence that will go forth with you into your new marriage.

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