3 Trendy Floral Add-Ons For Your Consideration

This year’s hottest trend in wedding decor is the look of floral add-ons to your bridal bouquet and centerpieces. Add rich texture for a fresh new look to all of your floral bouquets by including non-floral pieces of foliage. This trendy design will add a creative twist and give your wedding that unique flair you’re looking for. The wedding designers at Trias Weddings are glad to help you choose the perfect addition to your floral bouquets and centerpieces for your wedding this year.


Make a dramatic statement with the rich, elegant look of pampas this season. This lush, feathery design will take your breath away as it billows throughout your ceremony or reception venue.


Light, filmy ferns will spruce up any bridal bouquet or serving table with lacy greens that seem fresh from the forest. Add a bit of natural, earthy color and texture to your wedding’s design with beautiful green ferns.


Emphasize the delicate wonder of your wedding’s decorating scheme by adding lunaria to floral designs or as accent pieces. This fanciful piece will showcase your style in an elegant, trendy display.

Add a bit of creativity and a ton of flair when you include floral add-ons to your bouquets and centerpieces and other floral decor at your wedding this season. Create a look that is all your own. Talk to the wedding experts at Trias Weddings for even more great ways to include this trendy look in your wedding this season.