Floral Wedding Swings

This season, the newest on-trend element to spring weddings we’ll be seeing everywhere is the inclusion of a beautiful swing. A swing decorated with vines, leafy greens and especially the flowers that match your wedding bouquet and centerpieces will be a fanciful touch that adds an element of charm to your wedding. Use your swing as a beautiful prop for wedding photos, not only for the bride and groom or bridal party, but also for still lives. For example, place your wedding flowers on the swing for a timeless glimpse of the beauty that surrounded you on your wedding day. The design experts at Trias Weddings have wonderful ideas about how to include floral swings in your wedding decor this season.

Swinging Cakes

The newest trend in weddings this season is the concept of hanging cakes. Bring a floral-decorated swing into your reception large enough to hold your cake and watch guests swoon with delight over this fanciful element.

Swinging Flowers

Add your wedding bouquet to the plethora of flowers adorning your beautiful wedding swing for a still life shot that is as timeless as it is beautiful. Tell a story behind your special day as your bouquet takes center stage for its own closeup.

Swinging Brides

A bride sitting on a swing waiting for her groom to appear is an image that will last for generations and delight all who see it. Use your floral wedding swing for photo setting that exudes a trendy timelessness.

If you choose to include a beautiful decorative swing in your floral wedding decor this spring, be sure to talk to the floral artisans at Trias Weddings for great ideas and examples of the best way to use your swing and incorporate it into your specific wedding showcase.

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