Coral Wedding Designs

The newest, trendiest color of the 2019 will be Living Coral. This animated, vibrant shade of coral will be seen everywhere- why not include it in your wedding palette as well? Add a pop of warm, inviting color to your wedding day that will delight guests and bring a bit of modern style into your decor. The design experts at Trias Weddings feel that one of the best and easiest ways to include this vibrant shade in your wedding is with the flowers you choose for centerpieces or bouquets. Several flowers look amazing in Living Coral, and often communicate a particular message.

Coral Peonies Peonies have a rich history, dating back to Greek mythology when a few stories gave them the meaning of compassion and bashfulness. Today, as they are native to China, they have come to be associated with royalty and honor. Choose a beautiful design full of coral peonies to represent the prosperity, compassion, honor and happiness that will define your marriage.

Coral Roses Roses are known for their statements among flowers, particularly when attached to their color. The coral rose represents enthusiasm and desire, two excellent qualities to include on your wedding day! A bouquet or arrangement of coral roses at your wedding will invite the enthusiastic desires of your first months together into your marriage and future. What a beautiful way to start a life together.

Coral Tulips The tulip, known for its smooth texture and alluring shape, was once a staple in the arts and culture scene in Persia and Turkey. Europeans loved the flower so much they brought it back to The Netherlands with such high demand that they once crashed the market! Now tulips represent perfect love, a wonderful sentiment to include in your wedding. Add coral tulips to your wedding bouquet for a perfectly on trend nod at cultural love and perfection.

Let the colors and the flowers you choose for your wedding this year tell your story through the meaning behind them. The depth and richness your flowers add to your wedding will remind you of their meaning for years to come. Talk to the floral artisans at Trias Weddings to find the perfect flowers in Living Coral to represent your love on your wedding day.

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