Bridal Shower Ideas

Bridal Showers are so fun! And we are so lucky to live in Miami, our winter is never long or cold and we can enjoy the warm weather year round. For your bridal shower this year let’s try something fun and unusual, steer away from the typical restaurant luncheon with these cool ideas.

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Here are a few alternative bridal shower ideas that are trending:

1. Cabana at the beach. We are lucky to live near the water and have so many great venues at our fingertips. Just imagine a fun filled afternoon under a cabana where you and your girls can lay out under the sun, enjoy some mimosas, dance and swim.

2. Backyard BBQ. If you are looking at having a more low-key co-ed shower, hosting a BBQ is always fun. You can have the guys doing all the cooking while you and your gal pals enjoy the afternoon. You can set up a long rectangle table or even put some blankets down on the grass for a more picnic style. Just think of the set up you prefer most and get ready to lounge in style.

3. Mani/Pedis & Champagne. You can set up your backyard in shabby chic style and hire a couple of nail artists to come to your suite and get pampered. Just imagine sipping on your favorite bubbly and snacking on some easy to eat snacks while enjoying the great weather.


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