Trias Flowers – Mother of the Bride Roles

mother of the brideYour daughter is getting married, and as the mother of the bride, you likely have numerous thoughts as to how to make this day amazing. But although traditionally the parents of the bride played the major role in wedding planning, today’s modern brides and grooms are much more involved. So you’ll want to have an honest conversation with your daughter to determine her expectations as to your participation – financially, and practically. There are many roles that mothers have traditionally filled in wedding planning, and chances are she’ll love your assistance.

Dress shopping is a treasured memory for many moms and daughters; Mom should make clear to her daughter that she would love to be there! (If Mom doesn’t live in Miami, a video chat app will work as well) Mothers are also invaluable when it comes to coordinating appointments with vendors, handling phone calls from venues, caterers, and entertainers, and in general, consolidating all the information for the bride. Compiling the guest list; sending out invitations and handling responses also falls squarely in the mother-of-the-bride milieu.

Mothers are always expected to attend the bridal shower, but traditionally it is considered distasteful for her to plan the event, as it looks like she is soliciting gifts for her family. On the day of the wedding, Mom has ceremonial duties as well – she is the final person to be seated, indicating that the ceremony can begin; she is the official guest greeter at the reception, and she dances the customary dance with her husband or escort. In more modern weddings, Moms will also dance with their daughter if a father was not present.

Modern Twist: Many brides are opting to have both parents walk them down the aisle, or to have their mother escort them if she was a single parent.

Moms also can be quite adept at staying in contact with florists regarding bouquet options, centerpieces, venue décor and more. The expert floral designers at Trias Flowers look forward to collaborating with you and mom to bring your dream wedding to life. Call us today!