Your Professionally Designed Miami Wedding

miami weddingThere is no doubt that choosing a florist to provide your Miami wedding flowers is an important decision. But when considered within the context of the overall wedding planning, you also have to keep your budget in mind. This sometimes results in choosing based on a price comparison, rather than on an assurance of the highest quality arrangements and dedication to personal service. However, the professional wedding designers at Trias Flowers invite you to consider the reasons to take a closer look at those proposals.

Wedding consultant Jennifer Lorenzo notes that often, brides will forward a quote from another vendor, and just ask for a competing price. However, there is an inherent problem with this approach. “What I have found on many occasions is that the other vendors don’t specify flowers like we do”; Jennifer shares, adding that it is difficult to compare apples to apples when the other proposal doesn’t even outline specific flowers. For example, others may indicate “all white and pink flowers to include roses and hydrangeas”. In comparison, a Trias quote may propose “a clustered arrangement of white hydrangeas, pink roses, pink spray roses, white chrysanthemums and white stock with greens”, and we will provide a photograph to show what the arrangement or bouquet will look like. This level of specificity may result in a slightly higher price, but also guarantees that there will be no disappointment or failed expectations on your wedding day.

However, you may actually find that working face-to-face with a Trias Flowers wedding designer may also save you in the long run. You can use our extensive depth of floral knowledge to your benefit – we will make recommendations that include less expensive options that will preserve the look and feel you desire, yet fit well within your budget. We also have ideas of where you can trim costs without taking anything away from your wedding day. Don’t leave the selection of your floral vendor to an impersonal price quote – come in with your budget, and let the expert floral artists at Trias Flowers design amazing bouquets and arrangements made just for you.