Trias Flowers – Wedding Traditions

wedding traditionsTradition is a large part of wedding planning- whether we are aware of it or not, many of the elements of a wedding are deeply rooted in strange customs and superstitions from long ago. Here are just a few that we thought were interesting:


Terminology – Ancient Babylonians believed that by intertwining thread from the bride and groom’s respective garments, the marriage would be strengthened. Thus the term “tying the knot” dates back thousands of years.



Proposals – In modern times, the proposal is the subject of much thought and creativity. But in many ancient cultures, men wouldn’t ask at all. In Medieval times, a man would leave a hawthorn branch at his beloved’s door – if she replaced it with a cauliflower, the proposal was considered rejected.


Choosing a Date – Although many couples now choose Saturday for a wedding day, up until contemporary times a Friday or Saturday wedding was considered to doom a marriage. The most auspicious day for a wedding ceremony was considered Wednesday.



What To Wear – It was Queen Victoria, when she chose a white wedding dress for her ceremony in 1840, who began the tradition of a white dress. Until that time a bride would wear her best dress, whatever the color. However, it has always been a tradition that no one wear the same color as the bride. The veil was originally worn to ward off evil spirits.


Who to Stand With You – The bridal party was originally conceived in ancient warring tribes; when a wedding was often pillaged or raided, the bridal party was meant to protect and shield the bride and groom. The “best man” is from German tradition, and indicated the best fighting man available to help the groom.


Of course, there is rarely a wedding without flowers! At Trias Flowers, we are honored to have helped hundreds of Miami couples plan their weddings- whether they are steeped in old traditions, or committed to starting new ones. Call us today to begin designing your bouquets, centerpieces and ceremony floral arrangements, or to help you create a special touch all your own!