Using Flowers to Decorate Your Bridal Shower

UntitledThe beginning of spring marks the start of wedding season and, of course, bridal shower season. Whether it’s springtime, summer, fall, or winter, flowers are always a good choice when it comes to decorating for a bridal shower. As beautiful as the women celebrating, flowers can be used as integral elements of decor or incorporated into the overall bridal shower theme. To prevent the floral decor at your bridal shower from feeling outdated, use fresh flowers in unexpected, fun ways throughout your party. The following are a few exciting ways to use flowers at your bridal shower that are sure to make your creativity bloom.

Garden Party – This versatile bridal shower theme can be quaint or quirky depending on the setting, food served, and the way flowers are arranged. For a more formal garden party, we suggest sticking to a fairly monochrome color palette, using shades of pink, beige, or lavender with elegant blooms like roses, lilies, or orchids. To achieve a more casual, bohemian garden party vibe, gather several types, textures, and style of flowers in bright colors. Rather than arranging in uniform vases, find an assortment of containers, lanterns, and other embellishments like feathers to incorporate into centerpieces.

Blooming Bar – Always sure to impress, a drink bar featuring an assortment of floral garnishes is a unique addition to any floral bridal shower. Provide an assortment or rainbow of edible flowers like petunias, marigolds, wild hibiscus, and flower herbs for your guests to sample and beautify their drinks. Floral garnishes pair well with white or pink wines, champagne, lemonade, iced tea, and most fruity mixed drinks.

Floral Fun – Create a weaving station stocked with hair pins and a variety of long stemmed wildflowers for your young (or young at heart) guests to fashion floral crowns to wear throughout the shower. Not only is daisy chaining a fun activity for guests, but it will also add to your decor with every guest wearing flowers.

Just Add Water Favors – Instead of giving away chocolates or mints, send your guests home with zero calorie, sugar-free bridal shower favors featuring seeds. There are several ways to incorporate seeds into your shower favors: commemorative tins containing seeds, plantable papers, seeded confetti, and even commemorative seed packets.

Whatever creative ideas you dream up to decorate with flowers, our professional florists at Trias Flowers look forward to helping you put together the perfect setting to celebrate your bridal shower and coming wedding with your closest family, friends, and favorite flowers.