How to Decorate Outdoor Weddings

outdoor weddingOnce a couple makes the decision to get married, they often find themselves in the middle of a struggle to plan the perfect wedding to reflect the love they have for each other. At Tria’s Flowers Weddings and Events, we have helped countless couples plan the day that they will remember fondly for years to come. We find that our observations of trends can help inspire them with some new ideas for creating a ceremony that perfectly expresses their unique preferences. Here are three outdoor wedding trends that we believe engaged couples will find helpful as they begin to make plans for the big day.

Go green

This can be both literal and figurative. Many couples have recently discovered the beautiful flowers that can be found right in their own backyard. Using local and in-season flowers can help people reduce costs and support the environment, ensuring a more ‘green’ wedding.

At the same time, as couples have become more inclined to use locally and fresh flowers, green has also found its way into bouquets. It has become common for people to have more leaves and stems in their arrangements, adding to the more natural look of the flowers.

outdoor wedding

Colors that stand out against a backdrop

Colorful accents placed against more standard backgrounds have also become popular. Couples might choose a basic palette, such as an off-white or ivory shade, as their main color. They will then use some  lovely colors that will really stand out against the background, such as reds, purples, or greens, or oranges. This will create a more modern look that many couples love.

outdoor wedding


Outdoor weddings are still strongly dominated by those who want to create a more relaxed atmosphere, but those who want a little bit of formality have also begun to develop a strong market share as well. Traditional blooms, such as red roses, have become increasingly popular. Other fantastic flowers might be orchids and peonies. These flowers can be used in bouquets or as decorations around the reception space. Particularly when these flowers are used in conjunction with more formal dining arrangements and atmosphere, the final creation is absolutely stunning.outdoor wedding

Planning the perfect wedding requires people to look for inspiration wherever they might find it. The above outdoor wedding ideas are fantastic places for couples to begin their planning. At Tria’s Flowers Weddings and Events, we feel honored to help couples plan their special day. We believe that our expertise can help guide couples towards flowers that will best meet their needs.