What are the Top Summer Wedding Trends for 2015

shutterstock_143579107If this summer is bringing with it sounds of wedding bells for you, now is the time to think about summer wedding trends, while you still have time to embrace some in your plans. Whether you are looking for something traditional or want something eclectic, these trends will help you make your wedding the modern event you want it to be.

A Literal Blushing Bride

Blush and light pink are the newest trend for summer brides, not just for their flowers and their bridesmaids, but also for their own dresses. Add a bouquet in a blushing pink and a headpiece to match, and you have a blushing bride from head to toe.


Pastel Bridesmaids Dresses

Bold, brilliant colors are coming into favor in flowers and decor, but many brides are asking their bridesmaids to choose something lighter for a summer wedding. It’s becoming increasingly popular to allow bridesmaids to choose a color out of a particular color palette, and the pastel color scheme creates a whimsical, beautiful look even when the women are in different hues.

Rings With Nostalgia

Using grandma’s wedding ring has never really gone out of fashion, but this summer it is expected to become a full-fledged trend. These rings have vintage charm and often familial appeal, but they also benefit the bride because they consume no virgin metals, so they are considered a “green” option.

Bright Decor

While pastels may be the color palette of choice for bridal wear, in decor the colors are going bolder. Flowers, table decor and even the cake for this year’s summer wedding will likely sport some bright, bold colors.


Bringing the Outdoors In

Hanging candles from wreaths made from tree boughs, using local wildflowers to decorate tables or using local greenery to decorate the reception hall, these are all trends this year’s brides are considering. Using nature helps lessen the cost and give the wedding a more natural, less formal feel.

No matter which of these trends you are considering, Tria’s Flowers and Events will assist you in incorporating them into your wedding plans. Contact us today to learn more about how you can use beautiful flowers to make your wedding exactly what you are dreaming it can be.