Stargazer Lilies, the Perfect Wedding Flowers

shutterstock_171266801Striking and unforgettable, stargazer lilies make a bold statement with markings that almost look like they were plucked from an animal in the jungle rather than the botanical world. If you’re looking to create a wedding that’s exciting and colorful, you’ll want to think about using stargazer lilies for your wedding bouquets, garlands, and everything else that demands floral accompaniment.

Stargazer Lilies: Did You Know?

A one-of-a-kind bloom, stargazer lilies are a recent addition to the world of flowers. They were only introduced in the late 1970s and were the creation of a plant breeder who mixed an Oriental lily with an Asiatic lily.

The resulting flower had the fragrance of the Asiatic lily and the brightly colored appearance of an Oriental lily. The reason for the stargazer lily’s name is due to the way the buds open while pointed upward as if the first thing the flowers want to see is the sky.

Isn’t that a wonderful concept for your wedding? Stargazer lilies are flowers that look toward the future and your new life with your beloved. Certainly one of the most meaningful flowers to include in your nuptials.

Using Stargazer Lilies in your Wedding

Your stargazer lilies may act as the primary bloom in your wedding flowers, or you can use them as accent flowers in just a few places. The eye-catching dark pink of the lilies means you don’t need to use a particularly large number of flowers to create a bright and meaningful vision for your wedding.

In most cases, a single stem will carry between three and six blooms, and each flower will feature six petals. A stargazer lily is one of the most beautiful additions to a bouquet, and they pair beautifully with pink roses and sprigs of greenery.

At the End of Your Wedding Day

After your wedding, you may consider giving your guests stems from the vases at your reception or ceremony. The blooms can last for up to a week and a half, so your guests will return home with a lovely, scented gift from the occasion.

Tip: Stargazer lilies are one of nature’s most fragrant lilies. Wedding planners usually advise against using too many in centerpieces at your reception if your guests will be eating. You don’t want to overpower the entrees!