Filling Your Thanksgiving Table With Flowers

We embrace Thanksgiving with open arms, which are then promptly filled with flowers. After all, this is the season of the centerpiece, and we at Trias Flowers are literally steeped in them.

We know that every Thanksgiving table is different, which is why it’s so important to have a variety of centerpieces on offer. If you’re the Thanksgiving host this year, organizing your table goes right along with designing it. Whether you’re using heirloom linens and generations-old china or carrying off a more simple affair, you’ll want to begin thinking early about the flowers you’ll place at the heart of your table.

Centerpieces should be stunning; after all, they are meant to be looked at for the entire length of the dinner. But they also have to fit on the table, and not prevent guests from making eye contact or passing plates. We love our Autumn Inspiration Centerpiece, which is mostly low profile but offers a little height for scale. This beauty is lush, uses all of the Fall colors but looks like it belongs in Florida.

For a more traditional look on a table with length, try something like our Fantastic Fall Centerpiece, which unfurls down the table. This is a magnificent piece, and features three pillar candles so you get that warm glow over your feast. We’ve still kept things tropical-looking here, but the abundance of Fall is definitely suggested.

If you’re short on space but still want to make an impact, choose Autumn’s 1st Bloom, a more contained, compact style. This is bursting with vivid blooms and offers plenty of interest, as well as the taper candle.

Autumns 1st Bloom Trias Flowers Miami Fl

At Trias Flowers, we’re awash in gorgeous centerpieces of all shapes and sizes. You’ll want to spend some time considering what works best for you, but when you’re ready to dress that table, we’re here.