Announcing the 2017 Pantone Color Trends

color trends

At the end of each year, the fashion world reveals its new collections for the following season. Inspired by the newest fashions, the Pantone Color Institute creates its list of the top trending colors that will influence not only clothing but many elements of our life – from home decor to  wedding flowers! This year’s color trends reflect beautiful shades that occur in nature, whether earthy neutral tones or vivid bright hues.

This week, Pantone also announced that out of the top 10 color picks, their Color of the Year is the fresh and invigorating Greenery.
color trends

Greenery is a unique floral color that can be designed with cymbidium orchids, green hydrangea, Fuji mums, or green roses. This elegant color deserves the top spot due to its versatility  – it easily blends with all other colors on the list.

There is no need to choose just one of the color trends when so many of them pair so beautifully. For instance, Yellow Primrose and orange Flame create a bold and confident bouquet that exudes warmth, cheerfulness – and a little spice. color trends

Cooling off the list are three versions of blue – Island Paradise, a tropical aqua; Niagara, a relaxed, denim-inspired hue; and the intensely brilliant Blue Lapiscolor trendsTwo very different pink shades join the color list – Pale Dogwood is romantic and subtle, while Pink Yarrow is an energetic hot pink that draws the eye with fun-loving energy.  Pink is easily found in the floral world, from roses to peonies to gerbera daisies.  Rounding out the list are two organic tones from nature  – Kale, a dark olive green shade, and Hazelnut, a neutral hue that has hints of beige and soft rose.

When planning your 2017 wedding, there are many ways to be inspired. Whether you have a favorite color, flower, or style – we’ll design wedding bouquets, centerpieces, and venue decor that will be te most beautiful that Miami has ever seen. You can trust the floral experts at Trias Flowers to capture this year’s trends – and all the timeless beauty of flowers.

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