How to Design a Christmas Wedding

The concept of a Christmas wedding really is a brilliant one. With friends and family planning to gather together anyway, plus lights and decorations everywhere you look, the season is simply begging to be celebrated in style! The floral designers at Trias Weddings have some great tips for adding gorgeous holiday flowers to your Christmas wedding.

Add winter greens.

Create a stylish and magical effect when you drape winter greens and roses over a clear glass or crystal stand for a hanging centerpiece. Beautiful evergreens reflect the spirit of the season with red roses playing up the romance of a wedding and classic Christmas colors.

Include winter details.

Understated pieces that bring out the essence of the season will magnify the beauty of your flowers. Cotton blooms, pine cones, holly berries and branches of pine will look amazing as a backdrop to classic white roses or other beautiful wedding flowers.

Opt for a natural design.

Choose a rustic look over a more polished holiday sheen when you get creative with Christmas reds and greens. A bouquet of red and white wildflowers bundled with winter foliage in a variety of greens will add a natural, unique look to your country holiday wedding.

The floral experts at Trias Weddings are eager to help you design the perfect Christmas wedding. Talk to us about your wedding plans and let us help you discover the best floral designs for you.

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