Little Hands Make Light Work Of Floral Crafts

If you’re having a family-friendly wedding and expecting plenty of littles in attendance, do yourself a favor and plan a fun floral craft for them to do. Think of those times during the wedding weekend where it would be most beneficial to keep little hands and minds busy, whether it’s during speeches at the reception or bridal makeovers at the salon. The kids (and their parents) will thank you.

Paper Flowers

Put that flower girl title to the test and give your girl this fun project, which will have her turning out bouquets in no time. With just a little supervision (and one nifty set of scissors!), she only needs a little bit of space to work in, as well as a jar or other container to collect the results!

Felt Flower Bracelet

For the tiniest bridal party players, sweet little felt flower bracelets are a joy to make and a thrill to wear. Let each child use their own colors to personalize the project, or pick colors in your wedding scheme and let the bracelets become a part of their wedding day outfit.

Crowning Glory

Is there anything better for little fairies and princesses than wearing their own flower crown? This might be a given for a flower girl, but having a flower crown station at your ceremony (or pre-wedding event) allows the other kids attending your wedding to look magical, too.

Flower Mandala

One of the most enchanting floral projects we can think of for kids is to create a flower mandala using the real deal. Mandalas are easy to make, even for the littles, and their spirals are not only fun to design but gorgeous to look at. This kid-friendly tutorial will show you how it’s done.

Pinecone Roses

Having a winter wedding? We’ve got the perfect keep-them-busy craft for the kids in your crew. With just a little supervision (hot glue gun alert!), they’ll be creating magical painted pinecones that look just like roses!

Floral Suncatcher

And perhaps the dreamiest craft of all, this stunning suncatcher would make a great take-home gift, gift to the bride and groom or piece of decor at the wedding. This is another one of those projects where creativity is rewarded and the natural world is all the inspiration your little flower girl will need.