Wedding Signs Highlighted By Flowers

Wedding signage is more than a way to convey relevant information at your ceremony or reception–it’s also a way to set the tone of your wedding and to establish your identity as a couple. While your placards, guideposts and boards all may point the way to various features of the wedding location, or tell your guests where to sit, they can also be used to create a romantic feeling that’s full of character. Quotes, imagery, sayings and more make their way onto decorative signage that moves your guests, creating emotion. And where there is emotion, there are flowers. Glorious flowers can enhance the impact of wedding signs or keep them a cohesive part of the decor. Here’s how.

Crowning Glory

When you’ve emblazoned your new status on a stack of gorgeous wood large enough to create an entire panel, you need flowers that stack up, too. Here a design of greenery, roses and hydrangea nestles over the sign, bringing a soft, fresh feel to the backdrop of wood. This helps the signage both blend into the outdoor setting and connect to the flowers used in the ceremony.

Gorgeous Greens

Silver dollar eucalyptus clusters around a copper sign painted to read “wedding ceremony” in white, whimsical script. The contrast here between the rustic brown of the sign and the light, silvery green of the shaggy eucalyptus makes for an arresting visual. The sign’s patina and the fact that it is nearly receding into green makes it feel like it’s been there forever.


Of course hoops are rolling into sign territory–they’r everywhere! A creative, artistic bride and groom might create a backdrop or other centerpiece wall that includes signage, hoops, lights, frames and other decor pieces personal to them. We love how little flower vignettes hang from the hoops here, some of which enclose words that are meaningful to the couple and the event at hand. Don’t forget to festoon your ceremony and reception signs with flowers. They’re like a fresh exclamation point.