Marvelously Minimalist Flowers

Behold the power of minimal flowers.

By which we mean, Minimalist flowers, a floral style that is the essence of simplicity, using just a few flowers to produce a much larger effect. When you adopt the minimal approach with your flowers, you are putting the focus on a clutch of cherished blooms, as well as the way they are arranged. The color scheme may be pared down, the containers and accouterments less grand, but make no mistake, these artfully-displayed florals are sure to have a big impact. Take a peek and see what we mean.

Minimal? Sure. Smaller? No.

Just because you’re keeping your floral scheme minimal doesn’t mean you have to change the scale of your designs. Here white roses and hydrangea are the blooms of choice, set off by palms. The ingredients may be spare but the look is not, and yet the whole design still gives off a free, clean, easy feeling. A carpet of palm leaves is all you need to delineate an aisle when the floor is sand.

White, Bright Buds

An elegant, modern arrangement of roses and greenery in a clear cube vase is a lovely, unfettered centerpiece on a bare table where the only other adornment is a few votive candles.

Epic Calla

Richly-hued calla lily look magical when they are simply gathered together and wrapped with just a touch of glam.

One Flower And Done


Ceremony and reception decor can get the minimal treatment, too. Keep the focus on the event at hand (and the space you’ve chosen to have it in) by paring down your floral decor. The minimal touch can extend to containers and additional decor items as well. Focus on one or two colors or textures per arrangement only. Minimal floral decor lends a note of graceful restraint to your wedding, giving it a beautiful, reverent feel.