Tall Wedding Centerpieces on Trend

wedding centerpiecesWith the myriad of species of flowers, there are countless ways to bring beauty to your wedding day through floral arrangements. Classic traditional or innovative contemporary, your choice of flowers will set the mood for the day.


In 2016, one of the most popular ways to bring drama and elegance to your wedding décor is by choosing a tall centerpiece. But within this trend are so many amazing possibilities, the design choices are endless. At Tria’s, we have helped hundreds of couples plan their Miami wedding bouquets and florals over the years; and while many of our designs are tall centerpieces, each is as unique as the couples themselves. Here are three examples of how this trend can be personalized in very different ways.

wedding centerpieces

For the couple who embrace vibrant colors and exotic blooms, this arrangement showcases country wildflowers in brilliant sunburst orange. This color scheme fits perfectly into the natural outdoor venue, and the arrangement fills the open air.

wedding centerpieces

Tria’s was inspired by an entirely different muse for this tall centerpiece arrangement; white hydrangea and blush roses are gracefully perched atop a sterling silver stem and draped with crystal accents. The towering displays make use of the ample vaulted space created by the architecture of the venue.

wedding centerpieces

Taking into account the trend towards romantic lights, these high centerpieces are actually candles surrounded by low rose bouquets. The elongated vase supports a jeweled votive candle, while the stem of the glass pedestal supports white floating blossoms.


Whatever your design theme, tall centerpieces make an impressive and personalized statement. Come to Trias Flowers in Miami – our creative team of experts is excited to give you ideas as to the many ways that you can incorporate the top wedding trends of 2016 into your special day!