Creative Ways to Use Greenery in Your Wedding

While flowers have been traditionally used in wedding design and decor, decorating with green foliage as an alternative can make for a refreshingly beautiful departure. Are you considering “going green” at your wedding? Use these creative wedding foliage decor ideas to make your ceremony and reception style unique, special and memorable:

green wedding

green wedding
What Type of Greenery Should I Use?

The truth is that it’s up to you; just about every green plant has the potential to be a beautiful accent in your wedding decor. Consider selecting whatever is in season during the time of your wedding to save on costs. Green ivy, ferns, rosemary, succulents, palm, and even mint leaves are some examples of greenery that can work wonderfully.

green wedding

green wedding
Centerpiece Greenery

Centerpieces are rich with opportunity for using green foliage to make an impactful statement. Evergreen branches can be accented with pinecones and/or holly for a holiday effect. Lush greenery can be used to give the look of a dish garden in the center of each table; succulent greens like cacti are an excellent choice for dish gardens, or choose green plants that bloom with subtle flowers such as peace lilies or African violets. Add a few touches of similar greenery to your napkin holders and place settings to help complete your reception table decor.

green weddinggreen wedding
Bohemian Effects

If you’re into boho chic, you can still “go green” while creating this special wedding look. Forego the traditional “flower child” bouquet and opt for an artful arrangement of assorted greenery. (You can include a few simple flowers if you wish to accent the look). Greenery can also make for a stunning crown, tiara or headpiece. Keep it simple and strive for maximum contrast against your hair color.

green weddinggreen weddingFlowers are a time honored tradition in wedding decor, but they aren’t the only way to make your ceremony and reception venues beautiful. Consider “going green” in your wedding decor by using these green foliage ideas in your theme, decor and design. Contact Tria’s Flowers, Weddings and Events when you’re ready to place your order.